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R. Kelly Turns Himself and Mug Shot Released After Sexual Abuse Arrest

R. Kelly just surrendered to police in Chicago ... turning himself in after being charged with sexual abuse of 4 girls, at least 3 of whom were minors.  [[tmz:video id="1_1eva126s"]] The embattled R&B singer turned himself in Friday night at a… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Quincy Jones Says We All Knew About R. Kelly and Jussie's Career is Ruined

[[tmz:video id="1_zp0pdzlg"]] Quincy Jones says a lot even when he just speaks a little ... scoffing at people who were surprised by the R. Kelly scandal and roasting Jussie Smollett. We got Q Friday night in WeHo at Ysabel restaurant, where he hit up… Permalink ... Continue Reading

R. Kelly Fears There's No Way Can He Get a Fair Trial

R. Kelly's maintaining his innocence despite being charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse, but he thinks he's screwed anyway ... because he's already lost in the court of public opinion. Sources close to the singer tell TMZ ... he believes it will be… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Killer Mike Says Jussie Smollett Should Apologize and People Should Move on

[[tmz:video id="1_f16tc1ef"]] The Jussie Smollett "attack" has enraged millions of Americans, but for Killer Mike, it's no big deal. We got the rapper Friday at LAX, and his take is very different from most. He says, after all, Jussie's an… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Tristan Thompson Gets Cheating Scandal Advice From Nick Young

[[tmz:video id="1_8eu16hnt"]] Tristan Thompson, listen up ... Nick Young is giving away one of his secrets for getting over a massive cheating scandal!!! Of course, Swaggy P is an expert in what TT's currently going through ... the ex-Lakers star… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Bill Cowher Dances His Face Off Onstage at America Concert

[[tmz:video id="1_5mma0zhl"]] Bill Cowher has a new job -- backup dancer for America ... and the dude is loving EVERY SECOND of it!!! TMZ Sports has footage of the Super Bowl-winning coach stealing the spotlight at the band's Pittsburgh show on Thursday… Permalink ... Continue Reading

R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Goes After Him for Nearly $200k in Back Child Support

If R. Kelly wasn't about to surrender to police, he might end up in jail anyway ... because a judge is fed up with his failure to pay a ton of child support to his ex-wife. A Cook County judge found R. Kelly in contempt earlier this month --… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Nicki Minaj Show Canceled After Arena Can't Handle Tech, Still Meets Fans

[[tmz:video id="1_a2oyhv4e"]] Nicki Minaj was unable to perform after the arena she was scheduled at had some serious electrical issues ... but the rapper still made sure to leave a mark on thousands of her fans. Nicki's show in Slovakia Friday was… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Ice Cube, LL Cool J Get Billion Dollar Backing In Quest to Buy Sports TV Stations

Ice Cube and LL Cool J just got major reinforcements in the pursuit of sports TV supremacy -- we're told they just secured several BILLION dollar commitments in their push to buy a group of regional sports channels.  As we previously reported, the… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Offset, Cardi B Floss Diamonds Hitting Up 'Father of 4' Album Release Party

[[tmz:video id="1_whi28vuo"]] Offset and Cardi B sure know how to make an entrance ... flashing diamonds and tons of red for a long night of celebrating. We got Offset and Cardi out Thursday night heading into 595 North in the ATL for his… Permalink ... Continue Reading